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Acting Lions

A definitive guide to acting that explores its rich history, the nuanced craft, the artistry behind performances, and the business of navigating the industry.

Penny and her book, Acting Lions

Acting Lions cover created by Fredrich Bosch.


"Today's new 'Acting Bible, whether you're a student of Stanislavsky, Hagen or any other method, Templeton’s energetic voice comes through loud and clear. You'll feel like you have your own acting coach. Highly Recommended!!"

Chris Gibson

Broadway World

"Acting Lions is truly a comprehensive guide for actors of all backgrounds."

Andrea Haring

Associate Director -

The Linklater Center for Voice & Language

“Penny Templeton's passion for the craft and invaluable expertise makes it a must-read for today's actor!"

Ronald Rand

Publisher -The Soul of the American Actor, Author of Acting Teachers of America

"I've never seen anything like it. It's not limited to one technique. It has everything. It is going to become the 'Actor's Bible."

Judy Henderson

Emmy and Artios Award Winning Casting Director for HBO's Homeland

"What I love about the prose is its simplicity and the pervasive optimism and joy in acting that comes through clearly ... A book that adds to the canon of acting."

Sam Chwat

Dialect Coach

“After “mauling” through your book – I now feel like a new baby cub! You should see my book with coffee stains and pasta sauce! Stunning new material by Penny Templeton! Doesn’t matter if you’re a Meisner, Strasbergian, etc.-read this book!  It’s like sitting down to a good meal (with wine and dessert)” 

Shawn Michael

Email review

"A juicy steak! I am completely blown away by this book. I wish I had access to it a long time ago!"

Jody Litman


Penny Templeton is THE lady to show you how to be an acting lion. Her classes are hands-down, the most creative, supportive and unique in the city. I give her and “Acting Lions” a huge thumbs up! 

Leslie Becker

Author of 

The Organized Actor®

Broadway Actress: Anything Goes, Bonnie & Clyde, Nine

"What you have not written is 'An Idiot's Guide to Acting'. It is an encyclopedia of acting.”

Darren Bevill


“Penny Templeton leaves no stone unturned in her examination of the craft and business of acting. It’s a thoughtful and inspired look into an art which she presents as both a calling and a career, and is a must read for both beginning and veteran actors.” 

Reader Review

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Acting Lions Book cover
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