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Penny Templeton Studio opened in NYC in the early 1990’s and provides online acting classes and coaching in theatre, film, and television worldwide

My Approach

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Online Classes

Penny Templeton has been teaching and coaching online for many years, starting with Skype. During the shutdown, she and her Lions turned to the new technology of Zoom.

While many in the acting world severely criticized the technique that took us from live and in-person to online, Penny, with the help of her actors, started from scratch to find the craft of this new technique, exploring and adapting methods to make material, auditions, and yes, the actors came alive on the screen.

Penny’s main calling has been developing an effective approach to the craft of acting that is grounded in the teachings of the great masters. As a strong mentor,   The modern-day actor is under costant pressure to deliver their performance quickly. As a strong mentor, Penny arms her actors, preparing them to succeed in this modern fast-paced world of acting. As actors go from theatre to film to television, their craft goes with them. Her actors are always ready to act without fear. In fact, they relish it!

My Story

Penny Templeton
Studio Owner

Penny’s thirty years of artistry is the culmination of four generations of theatre actresses who warned her “Not to go on the stage!” However, her passion for the craft of acting won out. 

Trained and mentored by  renowned acting  teacher and  founder of The American Place Theatre, Wynn Handman.  directed Penny in the Joyce Carol Oates’ play I Stand.Before You Naked at The American Place Theatre.

Penny was also trained by the renowned Paul Sorvino, playing opposite Sorvino as his wife in the Premiere production of American Stage Company's All the King's Men.


Penny was hired by actor James Kiberd  (the iconic "Trevor") on ABC's All My Children,  to be his rehearsal partner.  He encouraged Penny to meet cast and crew to learn everything about  art of the camera: lighting, sound, screen tests etc.  He and  Penny developed a specific process  to break down scripts and deepen  and personalize the material, that Penny uses to this day.  


Creating Acting Lions


Penny Templeton- Acting Teacher, Author, Director- her NYC teaching craft has expanded worldwide to include online teaching and coaching theatre, film, and television including.

Penny Templeton Studio opened in NYC in the early 1990’s, this year Celebrating 30 years in the acting business! Penny was hand-picked by Columbia University to teach its third year MFA students The craft of Acting for the Camera.

Her “Lions” have been honored with 13 Emmys, a Tony nominee, and Audelco Award.


Hank Schob
Studio Co-owner

Hank Schob's 50 years of theatre experience include Off-Broadway in the hit show Your Own Thing, Regional Theatre, and National Tours with stars such as Richard Gere in Awake and Sing, Jose Ferrer in Cyrano, and John Raitt in Shenandoah.


Hank was nominated for a Carbonal Award in the Leading Actor category for his portrayal of Billy Flynn in Chicago. He has also been featured in the films Cadillac Man, Heading for Broadway and Fame. His TV credits include roles on All My Children, Ryan’s Hope, Kojak, and Law & Order.

He contributed chapters on camera technique in Penny's book, ACTING LIONS. Oh, and he is married to Penny.

Ashley Crane

Beginning - Intermediate Teacher

Ashley Crane is an acting coach and actress. She has studied with Penny Templeton in NYC for several years as a Master Class student. Penny reached out to her because she thought she would be perfect to teach actors just coming into the business.


Among other projects, her clients have performed in The Lion King, Frozen, School of Rock, Once on this Island, The Ferryman, and Waitress on Broadway. She also has coached actors on the shows Grey's Anatomy, Gotham, Saturday Night Live.


Ashley continues to serve as a founding member and the Director of Education for the Tryon International Film Festival, the Assistant City Producer for the South Carolina 40 Hour Film project, and helped launch the Young Actor's Filmmaking Project and the Next Generation Filmmaker's Program.


Nathan Johnson

Writer in Residence

Nathan Johnson is a playwright and actor with 30 years of experience. 

His works have been developed in the Master Class, providing the 'Acting Lions' with opportunities to explore new and challenging roles. Nathan's writing career took off after receiving encouragement in Penny's Master Class, leading to unique plays that garnered praise from renowned industry professionals.


He has been a recipient/finalist of many prestigious competitions, including The Dramatists Guild Fellowship and The National Queer Theatre. Nathan has studied and worked with industry icons like David Mamet, Marsha Norman, Jeffrey Sweet, Anne Bogart, Kristin Linklater, Donja R. Love, Andrei Serban and William H. Macy, and holds an MFA from Columbia University, where he was mentored by Penny Templeton and Hank Schob who were hand picked by Kristin Linklater to teach film and TV acting.

Hank and Penny's headshots by Jeffrey Mosier

117 9th St. Suite 216

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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